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Welcome to S I I T Global
We raise I.C.T professionals.

World Class
Training Facilities

World Class
Training Facilities

Career, I.T Professional
and Business I.T Courses

Online Education.



S I I T - Scholars Industrial Information Technology is a Scholars Global Tech business designed to provide I.C.T Education Services including Live Training and Interactive eLearning.. Continue reading »



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Our Courses

From Students

Dorothy Alison

from Savannah, Georgia, USA.

"I am impressed with the course training program, especially the ground breaking entrepreneurship and inventorship class, really helpful".

Assam Wesley

from New Delhi, India.

"Scholars taught me how to properly master the C++ programming syntax".

Bruze C. Wajda

from Harare, Zimbabwe.

"I enrolled in for AUTOCAD, the same week I started rendering 3D objects, absolutely interactive elearning".

Ethan A. Kingsley

from West London, United Kingdom.

"Excellent elearning program, your online business training is great, surpass my expectations, giving kudos to the academic council".

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Our Commitment

We strive to deliver a level of I.C.T training
that produces result-oriented professionals.
If you have any questions regarding our training services, please do not hesitate to contact us .
Thank You.

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